Empower your data and boost innovation.


SAP HANA is a comprehensive platform that combines a solid database with technological services to create innovative applications.

This tool allows you to effectively manage your business information, integrating analytical and transactional data in a single engine. Additionally, you can improve decision making and anticipate future situations with advanced analytical processing functionalities using machine learning and forecasting.

The optimized database will allow you to process large volumes of data in real time, integrating and synchronizing SAP HANA information from different sources in order to provide complete visibility that supports decision-making.

SAP Hana, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM

Why choose HANA?


data processing

Efficiently manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

02-cloud data

Get real-time

Process data in real time thanks to persistent memory functionality and performance optimization.


Create innovative

Use cutting-edge technology to design web-based applications.

14-cloud download

Integrate data from
multiple sources

Transfer data to SAP HANA and get a complete perspective of your business.

11-cloud data

Use advanced
analytics tools

Store, request, and apply machine learning and forecasting algorithms.


Streamline IT
Management Tasks

Use the management tools to know your system status and monitor performance indicators.

Key Features

HANA’s functionalities range from database services to advanced analytical processing and application development, supporting you to manage data in a single solution and enabling effective decision making.

Database services

Use in-memory services to manage and process large volumes of analytical and transactional data at higher speeds.

Advanced Analytics

Take smarter decisions with solid data, using machine learning, forecasting and text search functions that will provide the business answers you need.

Application Development

Design innovative applications combining transactional and analytical information which can be visualized on any device.

Data Access

Integrate and replicate information from different data sources into SAP HANA to get a complete business overview.


Simplify IT management tasks with process monitoring tools and system indicators.

How does Enable do it?

We have a team of consultants specialized in project execution, with high quality standards, best implementation practices and a strict development methodology.

Our aim is to provide solutions aligned to technological changes and making the most of all business data and cutting-age tools to offer greater reliability and confidence in the decision-making of our clients.

SAP Hana, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM