Make better decisions with advanced analytics.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Enable offers strategic dashboards and operational indicators automation, enhancing understanding and providing a 360-degree analysis, which will allow you to visualize all possible business perspectives for better decision making.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of Software-as-a-Service Model (SaaS), which provides all analytical functionalities (Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics) for every user in a single product, enabling a self-sufficient dashboard creation.

This solution reduces the time invested to prepare strategic reports, enhancing better data analysis to react to any possible scenario.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM

Why choosing SAC?



Cutting Edge technology in Data processing.



On-line team data sharing.

02-cloud data


Instant visualization of any volume of data.

05-data list


Simplified view of every possible process result in the company.


Information available
on all of your devices

Access from any device.



For real time monitoring, business presentations, board meetings and decision-making sessions.

Key Features

Make critical decisions in your organization with an efficient solution to easily obtain the most relevant financial information.

User Experience

A single easy-to-use tool that will allow you to create reports in a friendly and simple way.


Information loading and manual processes automation to reduce report generation time.


Future prediction functionality based on historical data, which helps to determine variables behavior according to current trends.


Simple planning process with high level automation, granting an easy and effective analysis according to variables that may affect it.


Internal communication flexibility, in addition to sharing information to users with a PDF file.

How does Enable do it?

We involve our team of experts with strategic indicators from different industries, applying best practices in both business processes and supporting tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud.

As part of the SAP Analytics Cloud projects, critical indicators for automation will be identified to provide a 360-degree perspective.

With several years of experience implementing these solutions, we have improved our implementation methodologies with best practices, contributing to our clients’ success and evolution.

Additionally, we provide post-implementation support to be side-by-side in our clients’ first business cycles ensuring to offer full value solutions.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM