Streamline decision making with a single and reliable source for real-time information.

SAP Business Warehouse

We enhance data integration from several sources to create a single version of the information, developing analysis from different perspectives based on your needs.

SAP Business Warehouse is a data repository that allows information integration in a simple and powerful way, ensuring the user to drill down through different variables.

This solution reduces the time for preparing operational and tactical reports, streamlining processes and underpinning innovation in your organization. You can spend more time creating results instead of spending time searching for information.

SAP BW, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM

Why choose BW?

13-cloud upload

data collection

Integrating it from different sources.



By relevant topics and views to enable access and understanding.


Monetize the
value of information

Turning transactional data into relevant information.



With real-time information.



Performing complex analysis with advanced analytics.

Key Features

Reduce the time for information gathering and invest it in business analytics process with a solution that allows you to easily integrate information from different sources to obtain better visibility of your business.

Data Integration

Allows the integration of one or more SAP data sources or even data from other platforms.


Stores information from different modules, collecting historical data to support decision-making.

Reporting and Security

Each user will only have access to specific information and reports.


Multiple operation and business rules creation functionality to meet user needs.


Multiple user perspectives of information, enabling self-sufficiency.


Information update without manual processes.

How does Enable do it?

We understand how important analytical information is for companies, which is why the first stage of our methodology is for understanding business needs before even start to design and assemble information models. In this way, we ensure that data provides real business questions and is not only a bunch of available information.

With many years of experience in the analytical world, we offer the most efficient practices in information modeling to meet the needs of our clients. Our expert consultants are kept up-to-date with the latest advances in technology, that is why we can combine experience with innovation to provide the best solutions in the market.

SAP BW, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM