Reliability as a Service: Improve Asset Performance.

Enable Operational Technology

Our OT solution, based on the “Reliability as a Service” methodology, includes strategy, agile enterprise assessments and solutions that connect IT/OT systems with effective knowledge transfer in context and sequence so industrial participants can digest, develop and scale enterprise reliability and productivity via predictive analytics.

Enterprise reliability is core to improve EBITDA and ROA utilization.  This improvement occurs when you leverage subject matter expertise, predictive analytics and market leading technologies to reduce spend & risk while you improve productivity, safety, compliance and security.

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Why choose “Reliability as a Service”?


Optimize assets
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Eliminate unplanned

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Accelerate manufacturing
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Scale enterprise visibility.


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Key Features

The institutionalization of “Reliability as a Service” drives you towards the right actions and business outcomes.  Together, we will harness the power of cloud, big data, IoT, industrial apps, artificial intelligence & mobility to sustain and scale your resilient strategy.

RaaS Assessments

A well-orchestrated IT/OT roadmap that enhances financial asset performance in the correct context, sequence and timeline.

Asset Performance Management (APM)

Our predictive APM portfolio tackles unplanned downtime, increases ROA, asset lifecycles, reliability, safety, security and productivity while decreasing enterprise risk.

Process Optimization

Our proven APC solutions simulate and optimizes processes to ensure you minimize waste and yield loss while you optimize margin.

Monitor and Control

Our adaptive, best in class SCADA/HMI portfolio ensures you reliably centerline your enterprise production process.

Operational Optimization

Our manufacturing software portfolio enables flawless production process execution that adapts to the shifting demand signals.

Mobile Operators

Mobile operator rounds effectively integrate new talent while increasing HSE, compliance and productivity goals.

How does Enable do it?

To institutionalize enterprise reliability, you need to partner with an industrial subject matter expert consulting firm that understands how to best drive the right actions by leveraging the right methodologies and data management strategy. To effectively digest, develop and scale enterprise reliability, initiatives must occur in the right context, sequence and timeframe. Most importantly, decisions need to be data driven.

An alliance with ENABLE will ensure asset, process and data optimization occur at scale.  Our core team of experts have developed a proven framework we refer to as “Reliability as a Service.” This model ensures we intelligently orchestrate the IT/OT busines layers while we link the assets to the processes without forgetting mindset adoption as key to build trust, process transparency and resiliency.

We have significant use cases to prove how to transform your organization and ensure you become a resilient enterprise by leveraging our “Reliability as a Service” framework.

Download our presentation for more information:

Enable OT, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM