Mitigate attacks, enhance security and deliver optimal responses on your websites and mobile apps.

Comprehensive Web Protection

100% Cloud protection, scalable and with an extensive range of protection mechanisms on the most critical elements of businesses that publish services facing the internet. Get business continuity and the highest levels of availability in services that demand uninterrupted operation.

Threat management demands services that can operate together under the requirement of real-time reaction, incident response, and effective changes in minutes. As a consequence, deliver an unmatched performance experience to your users by optimizing and accelerating content while sessions remain comprehensive, secure and available.

Complete Web Protection, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM

Why choose Comprehensive Web Protection from Enable?



Orchestrated security mechanisms for the best response against attacks on websites and applications.



Geographically distributed spots and algorithm distribution for obtaining a reliable scope in the most critical services.



Identify and block automated attacks that mimic human behavior.

21-human management


Speed-up and optimize content for an exceptional user experience.


Smart Routing

Find the perfect balance in web traffic scenarios with a DRP and distributed service resources.

05-data list


Enhance the use of smart reports to apply improvements based on reliable information.

Key Features

Verizon’s CDN solution features are supported by a global network providing the latest technology in performance, security and reliability worldwide. Continual platform improvements enable a reliable foundation for your business growth in short and long term.

DDoS Protection

Protection against Distributed Denial of Service at OSI 3, 4 and 7 layers, also including massive botnet attacks.

Dual Web Application Firewall

An essential tool to always keep your business online and available, including Cross-site-scripting, SQL Injection and Large-scale DDoS attack prevention.

Threat Response

Visibility, control and regulations focused on Zero-Day attacks. Immediate configuration changes.

Malicious Bots Mitigation

Identify automated human behavior, preventing fraud and identity theft.

Secure Transaction

Incident response protection for critical transactional operation, such as online banking services.

How does Enable do it?

By aligning methodologies with processes, in addition to a unique user experience, Enable creates management strategies for reliable business operations.

Hand in hand with our specialized consulting team, we can provide a wide range of operating models including Managed Security Services, where Enable becomes your technological assistant to monitor, identify and respond to threats that may risk your Business Continuity.

Enable is a great business partner, with high quality safety standards allowing your company to keep a healthy operation and a suitable regulatory guidelines implementation.
Complete Web Protection, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM