Orchestrated multi-level cybersecurity for users, networks, data, cloud, machines and process protection, enabling the business continuity that every company requires.

Holistic Cybersecurity

The application of advanced consulting to state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology provides the best protection for any industry, maintaining the levels of security demanded by digital transformation that organizations are currently undergoing.

Achieve a positive impact on your goals by ensuring your business uninterrupted operation while protecting what matters most: personal and critical data, operating in compliance with industry regulations.

Holistic Cybersecurity, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM

Why choose Holistic Cybersecurity from Enable?

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Managed Services

Use Enable’s resources as a support for your operational process, with management, monitoring and reporting services, we are part of your team.



A team of experts who provide support in the security strategy for your company.



Join us to know security tools in controlled scenarios to visualize scopes and functionalities in action.



Implement the combination of security mechanisms tailored to your specific needs.


OT Cybersecurity

Specific solutions for the industry, machine and process protection under the most extreme operating conditions.

Key Features

We combine industry leading technology tools with top-quality methodologies, providing an evolutionary process with tailor-made professional services for your business strategy.

Secure Data

Understand flow between users and data anywhere, anytime.

Secure Cloud

Secure cloud adoption as part of your organization’s digital transformation.


Strength your Security Posture with initiatives in short, medium and long term.


Keep your processes aligned to regulatory standards such as GDPR, PCI and LFPDPPP.

Secure SDWAN

Secure connectivity between geographically distributed branches with unified policies and cloud configurations.

Professional Services

Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Analysis, Penetration Tests and security initiatives creation in short, medium and long term.

How does Enable do it?

We align technology to your business processes by implementing methodologies applied to cybersecurity tools. Our solutions allow us to apply proactive and evolutionary defense mechanisms, obtaining the visibility and control required to take charge of your operation.

With wide experience of successful project implementation, Enable has the required expertise to understand your needs and goals.

Our mission is to become the enabler of your business goals by offering operational continuity and the expected return on investment by applying cybersecurity mechanisms to your processes, mitigating financial and reputational damage, which are vital components for ROI and taking care of the most critical and sensitive aspects of your organization. By implementing methodologies to cybersecurity tools we can line up technology to your business processes.

Holistic Cybersecurity, Enable Global - SAP Gold Partner #1 en LATAM