On June 4th, Enable reinvented the way to approach clients. We shared unique and interesting online content to offer a special experience aimed at a group of people looking for a business solution in the middle of the global health crisis we are facing. We held the first edition of “Enable: THE EXPERIENCE” with an online event, offering a Mixology Workshop in which our participants received a kit containing all the ingredients for creating delicious cocktails delivered right to their door, in an exclusive, colorful and pleasant environment, including a virtual workshop with new drink trends.

“Enable: THE EXPERIENCE” was developed with the collaboration of all our guests and one of our strongest business partners: SAP. Dealing with a humanitarian crisis that is also creating an unprecedented situation such as business interruption, Diego Magallanes, SAP Business ByDesign CEO in Mexico and Ernesto Horta, Enable’s Commercial Manager, shared a brief presentation about the current importance of choosing a new business model: “SAP Business ByDesign: The Cloud Solution for moments of uncertainty”.

Our team of experts also analyzed and evaluated how the industries are being affected by Covid-19 from a global perspective and a resilience approach.

After the point of view of our experts, we started with “The Experience”, which was an amazing part of the event.

To top it all off, we had the pleasant comments of our guests-clients creating a different, innovative and exciting environment.

“The most difficult challenges can be overcome together. Trustworthy advice, experience and professional support are now more important than ever.”

Diego Magallanes
Director of SAP Business ByDesign México

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